Connect in the moment.
Discover the interests of people in your area and connect today. This isn’t a social network, it’s a people network, and we all live in it.
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Interests and people, that's it.
By focusing on interests and people, Ogmati gets to the core of what you desire in conversation and connection. Ogmati provides the opportunity for you to connect meaningfully via message channels and real-time human interaction.
Discover the world around you.
Ogmati delivers interests of people around you so you can discover new things everywhere you go. Connect with people who share interests or meet someone new.
Full visibility control.
Ogmati takes your privacy and comfort very seriously. With built-in visibility features, users can switch between being visible and invisible to people in your area at any moment.
Connect in the moment.
For the times when you're waiting at the airport terminal, sitting in a neighborhood cafe or discovering a new city, Ogmati provides the opportunity to meaningfully connect with people.